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Reputation Citadel was founded to help organisations take control of their online presence.

With over a decade of experience in the field of SEO, we craft digital strategies that fortify clients’ digital footprint. As a best-selling Amazon author of the book ‘A Guide to Online Reputation Management: How to Fortify Your Online Presence,’ SEO leader Solomon has shared his invaluable insights with a global audience, empowering individuals and businesses to navigate the complexities of maintaining a positive digital image. 

Our focus on content optimisation and adept management of Google search results has consistently propelled our clients to the forefront of their industries – while enhancing their positive image online.



When it comes to online reputation repair, we know that the results speak for themselves. We work swiftly to reshape your digital footprint. 



With a track record in ORM, SEO, content and marketing, our team has been there and done that – from minor changes to full-scale repair. 



The world of search can be opaque. Our team is available at all times to answer questions, and keep you up to date with our progress. 

Reputations matter

The Google search landscape can often be unpredictable, and negative, misleading or outdated information can tarnish your brand’s image. Our mission is to ensure that when someone searches for your name or brand, they are presented with up-to-date, accurate, and positive information.

By harnessing the power of SEO and other digital tools, we curate, manage, and optimize your online presence, ensuring it mirrors the quality and integrity of your brand.

With over a decade of experience, our team tailors each ORM strategy for the job at hand, from Wikipedia editing to social media management to link-building – to anything else in between.

We work fast and discretely to minimise the impact of negative content on the web, and ensure long-lasting results with a robust and thorough approach.


ORM refers to the practice of crafting strategies to shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual, or entity on the Internet.

The duration varies based on the existing online presence and the severity of negative content. Some strategies show immediate improvements, while others, like SEO, can take a few months to show results, and even longer to mitigate for volatility in search results. At Reputation Citadel, we prioritise long-term success over short-term fixes, and recommend at least a year’s commitment for large-scale ORM campaigns. 

While it’s challenging to remove negative reviews from third-party sites, effective ORM can address these concerns by responding to feedback, promoting positive content, and resolving issues to prevent future negative reviews.

While both involve managing online visibility, SEO focuses on improving organic search rankings for websites. ORM, on the other hand, concentrates on managing and influencing public opinion across the entire online spectrum, including review sites, social media, and more.

ORM agencies use specialized tools and software to monitor mentions, reviews, and discussions about a brand or individual across the web. This helps in real-time response and strategy adjustments.

ORM is a continuous process. The online landscape is dynamic, with new content, reviews, and discussions emerging daily. Continuous monitoring and management are essential to maintain a positive online image.

While both manage a brand’s image, PR focuses on media relations and crafting messages for the public, whereas ORM specifically deals with a brand’s online image, encompassing reviews, search results, and digital feedback.


The cost of ORM can vary, depending on the scope of work. Following a consultation call, Reputation Citadel will produce a quote taking into account all the requirements of the project. 

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